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Calm & Proximity

Au Clos de Mathilde is a domain which benefits from an ideal location to enjoy the medieval city of Sarlat and the Périgord Noir, nestled on the heights of the city, in a quiet area, but in direct proximity.


Join the City

Past the golden stone vault of our estate, you can reach the medieval city of Sarlat on foot in just 10 minutes.

Here are waiting for cobblestone streets framed by listed but very lively buildings, a unique wealth of heritage, local produce, markets and shops, and a good living proper to Périgord.

The Tourist Office in the heart of the city will offer you guided tours, numerous circuits, and a host of activities to satisfy each visitor in search of discoveries.

Few domains here can at the same time boast the calm and the intimacy of their location, while proposing to reach the city on foot.


The numerous specialities of the region awaits you at the market of Sarlat, and at the several other markets of Perigord.

Local markets

The markets here hold a special place, Sarlat being the capital of the Périgord Noir. So, on the town hall square, you will not miss the large market to stock up on local products.

You will find a unique feature in this very well-preserved market: it continues into the Sainte-Marie church, rehabilitated by the architect Jean Nouvel, and transformed into halls recognizable among a thousand thanks to its monumental doors.

All around Sarlat, dozens of other markets are still waiting for you, with a setting and products for everyone that we like to believe exist nowhere else.


There is so much to see here that no stay, however long, would be enough to go around. A chance for you, Au Clos de Mathilde is at the crossroads of all the most renowned sites in the four Périgords. Enough to offer you something new with each stay for a few decades …


Mille Lieux

Le Périgord est une terre de patrimoine architectural, gastronomique et naturel. Pour l’architecture, le Périgord est appelée la Région aux mille châteaux : A 20 minutes autour du domaine, les majestueux Beynac ou Castelnaud, le clinquant Mylandes, l’intime Fénelon, le revenant Commarque, n’attendent que vous.

Lascaux II et son émouvante entrée à la lumière d’une torche, sa petite soeur Lascaux IV impressionnante et technologique sont incontournables pour qui veut ressentir l’Histoire. Nous recommanderons aussi quelques gouffres spectaculaires telles que Padirac, ou le moins connu mais plus intime Proumeyssac.

Vous resteront encore les cités troglodytiques longeant la Dordogne, les innombrables villages classés, les extraordinaires jardins parfois sauvages (Marqueyssac), originaux et rafraichissants (Jardins d’eau), ou classiques et authentiques (Eyrignac), le parc du Bournat figé dans les années 1900,… Et une centaines d’autres idées !

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Grottes, gouffres, Histoire, gastronomie, châteaux, jardins, parcs, randonnées, gabarres, marchés… tant de choses à découvrir.

Château de Beynac

within 20 km

Château de Castelnaud

within 20 km

Château des Milandes

within 20 km

Château de Puymartin

within 20 km

Château de Fénelon

within 20 km

Château de Commarque

within 20 km

Jardins d'Eyrignac

within 20 km

Cabanes du Breuil

within 20 km

La Roque Gageac

within 20 km


within 20 km

Réserve zoologique de Calviac

within 20 km

Grottes de Lascaux

within 30 km

Golf de Souillac

within 30 km

Gouffre de Proumeyssac

within 30 km

Musée de la préhistoire des Eyzies

within 30 km

Maison forte de Reignac

within 30 km

Gouffre de Padirac

1 hour drive


1 hour drive

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